In his time free from whistlemaking and performing music, Jakub Szczygieł of Goldfinch Whistles is also an amateur drawer and designer. With joke, fun and practice in mind, he creates pop and Celtic traditional culture mashup posters. With more pictures to come, please, enjoy this little exhibition and remember not treat it too seriously!


Diatonic Park

Some instruments maybe are, in a way, dinosaurs. To be more precise: cool dinosaurs! Unleash your diatonic beast from the cage – and never stop practicing!

Dr Hayes

Martin Hayes, a master fiddler from East Clare, has been one of the most musically inspiring characters to me. I could not stop myself from picturing him in place of a popular TV series doctor with a – literally – sounding similarity between their surnames.


Having a glass of drink with friends from close and afar seems to me an inextricable element of the session phenomenon. One needs to keep in mind, however, that some beverages can be shark-deadly to one’s playing!